Profile, mission, vision and career.

AZ Consulting was founded in 2007 and operates in Albania and Kosovo. It is conceived as a company that provides solutions from A to Z, the object of its activity is the provision of consultancy, including several areas:

  • ISO Standards
  • Business Plans/Market research
  • Human Resource Management
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Trademark Registration

The company mission is being the instrument which enables companies’ solutions related to “Total Management System” based on reputation, professionalism, and integrity of service delivery, already proven in the market.

Consulting at AZ Consulting is provided by Albanian and / or foreign consultants, according to the specifications and expertise required by the project. AZ Consulting in many projects has cooperated with various donor institutions such as: IFC (part of the World Bank Group); BAS (part of EBRD – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development); GIZ (German Development Agency); USAID; SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Program) – Agency in the Swiss Ministry of Economy; AIDA (Albanian Investment Development Agency), UNDP, etc. Based on multi-sectoral experiences and high quality of service tested in various projects, AZ Consulting is consistently part of schemes supported by international institutions and donors. The company is currently a member of ACN (Albanian Consulting Network and a local partner in many projects for drafting policies and development strategies of various sectors such as: IPARD projects funded by the European Union, GIZ projects, USAID etc. Starting from 2014 AZ Consulting is the exclusive representative for KOSHER certification in Albania and Italy from the world rabbinate board for kosher certifications

AZ Consulting since its beginning, aimed not only the cooperation with its employees for an undetermined period but also establishing a qualifying center with the slogan “learning during the whole life”. For this reason, our team is consistently trained and qualified in national and international institutions in order to be updated with the changes in their work fields.

Human Resources operate with an “open door” policy, in other words, people with experience, expertise and with a desire to improve themselves professionally in the fields in which the company operates are welcomed during the whole time.

Whoever finds themselves within the company’s philosophy is welcomed to apply at:


Social responsibility for us as a company means our direct commitment to participate in initiatives that promote responsible behaviour. Part of our mission as a company is to make an impact in every community we touch with our work.

We believe in a value oriented society where the first contribution is toward the well-being of the team that works with us. Although the causes that need support are many, the ones we have been joining for years are initiatives that improve healthsocial and environmental conditions of the community where the company operates.