GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production to best practices for long-term safety for agricultural products. The goal of this standard  is safe and sustainable agricultural production to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world.

GLOBAL G.A.P offers two certification options;

  1. Option I: individual producer

Certification based on option 1 includes:

  • Individual producer with a production unit
  • Individual producer with several production units

Individual producer with several production units and with the structure of the Quality Management System (QMS)

  1. Option II: Group certification

The producer group applies for group certification and the whole group will be the holder of the certificate as a legal entity. Option II  requires building of Quality Management System and implementation of Option I control points.


GLOBALG.A.P. Certification covers:

  • Food safety and traceability
  • Environment (including biodiversity)
  • Workers’ health, safety and welfare
  • Animal welfare
  • Includes Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Pest Control (IPC),
    Quality Management System (QMS), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

GG standard demands, among other things, greater efficiency in production. It improves business performance and reduces waste of vital resources. It also requires a general approach to farming that builds in best practices for generations to come.