Kosher Certification

Kosher is the certification that allows the use and consuming of those products in accordance with the rules of Kashrut (Jewish dietary law).

Kosher certification has a very important role in increasing sales of a food company. Kosher certification provides an economic advantage, a serious method of traceability, also an answer about globalization problems, and meanwhile guarantees food safety.

Customer market who buys products certified by Kosher reaches to tens of millions. In nowadays society, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, Jewish consumers are not the only ones that require Kosher products, but also religions and various groups such as Muslims, Buddhists, vegetarians, people who suffer from various allergies etc.

Kosher certificates are exclusively delivered to factories and companies that are either strictly kosher, or of which the products can be produced in a kosher way. As opposed to others, the rabbi does not give a kosher certificate for factories that use or work with animal fats. To qualify for a certificate, all the ingredients of each product must be thoroughly examined.

The same goes for the manner of production and cleaning. These details are treated confidentially and are not shared with others. With companies that receive a kosher certificate, conditions will be set up in order to follow the kosher guidelines. All of this will happen in a way that is appropriate for each specific company.


AZ Consulting has the representative of Kosher in Albania and Italy