Consultancy for PAS 99:2012

PAS 99:2012 is standard for integrating common management systems. It highlights the common structure of standards and outlines a framework to integrate them. These requirements include auditing procedures, document control, risk management and improving performance.

PAS 99:2012 helps organizations achieve benefits from integrating the common requirements of all management system standards and specifications, and managing these requirements effectively. Integrated management systems according to PAS 99:2012 will reduce any conflict between different management frameworks and increase efficiency. PAS 99:2012 gives guidance on planning, implementing and operating an integrated management framework, as well as monitoring and improving performance.

Who should apply PAS 99:2012?

  1. Organizations implementing the requirements of two or more management system standards.
  2. Organizations who want to integrate management systems and streamline processes and procedures.


  • Provides guidance on how working with the common requirements of multiple management system standards/specifications.
  • Helps integrate two or more management systems into one cohesive system with a holistic set of documentation, policies, procedures and processes.
  • Identifies risks early.
  • Is generally more current and in tune with current business environment and standards.