What is ISO / IEC 17020?

ISO 17020, known as the “General criteria for the operation of different types of inspection bodies”, is an international standard on the authority of inspection bodies.

This international standard defines the general criteria for the authority of independent bodies carrying out inspections, regardless of the sector involved. Also it establishes the criteria of independence. The standard aims to use the inspection bodies and their accreditation organisms, and other bodies dealing with the recognition of the authority of inspection bodies.


Benefits of ISO 17020 accreditation


  • Uniformity in execution and reporting standard to the people who perform the activities.
  • Fulfillment of accreditation requirements
  • Reduction of customer complaints
  • Evidence of compliance with specified requirements


What are the requirements of the ISO 17020 standard for accreditation?


The requirements of ISO 17020 contain 14 major sections, including:


  • Administrative requirements
  • Requirements for independence, impartiality and integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Organization and management
  • Quality system
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Methods and inspection procedures
  • Treatment of samples and inspection items
  • Checking records
  • Inspection Reports and Inspection Certificates
  • Subcontracting
  • Complaints
  • Cooperation with other inspection bodies


What does AZ Consulting offer in the field of ISO 17020 standard and accreditation?

AZ Consulting provides technical expertise ensuring that the company operates based on the ISO / IEC 17020 criteria, trainings, internal audits, pre-evaluation checks and facilitations during the ISO / IEC 17020 certification audit.