Consultancy for ISO 20000:2018

ISO 20000 is the international standard for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) accepted by a majority of countries worldwide. The standard describes a set of management processes designed to help companies deliver more effective IT services (both to those within the company and to their customers). ISO 20000 gives the methodology and the framework to help companies manage ITSM. With the requirements of the standard companies apply best practices, helping to improve delivery of IT services. ISO 20000 is applicable to any company size and any industry.

Why is ISO 20000 important?

  • It affects how companies operate and how they communicate – a fundamental element of how any company does business.
  • Its use helps to overcome competitors, to reach larger audiences, to become more productive and more efficient, improve revenues, reduce costs and enhance reputation.
  • Applying ISO 20000 helps ensure high-quality IT service management standards that are fundamental for the success of every company.


  1. Improve image and credibility – ISO 20000 is the only internationally recognized standard for IT service management.
  2. Become more productive – Gain a competitive advantage through increased efficiency and effectiveness due to more reliable IT services.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction – Whether it’s an internal or external customer, companies are able to deliver improved IT services that better meet their needs.
  4. Fully integrated processes – ISO 20000 helps companies align IT services with the wider business strategy.
  5. Reduce the cost of IT.
  6. Creates a culture of continual improvement.
  7. Gain a competitive advantage – Through more effective and efficient delivery of IT services, companies can give their organization tangible advantages over their competitors.